It Has Been a While…

Happy Summer!

It has been a while since I have posted. It was a busy school year and I sadly didn’t get back to posting here. However, I am back! Next year, I will be looping with my TK kiddos to Kindergarten which I am excited about. Like every year, I change my theme and I tend to lean towards books for inspiration. SO, this coming year will be Alice in Wonderland!

Prior to summer break, Miss Lily and I started decorating to lessen the job when I returned. The great thing is that I had trees in my room already from last year’s them, so we just extended the branches to give them a more whimsical look. We also prepped the bulletin boards and I created new numbers/colors posters to align with the theme. So, now it comes down to using July to create my characters and projects I want to add to the room.

One project I am working on is creating some new seat options. I am making ┬ásome mushroom chairs which I think will be so cute. I am also working on my door and door knob. I found this door at a vintage market for $20 and thought it had an Alice in Wonderland feel. I haven’t found ┬áthe door know yet that will work, but I will! I am also hoping to make some signs.