All About Apples!

It has been a few weeks since I posted. The school year kicked off in full force and has kept me quite busy! It isn’t slowing down either lol We have been doing an Apple Unit this month – the apple life cycle, the parts of an apple, apple crafts, apple science, and more! At the end of the month, we will be having an Apple Day where we will finish up all of our apple crafts, talk about Johnny Appleseed, and each some yummy apple treats!

Last Friday, we had our first Mad Science Friday where we did Erupting Apple Volcanoes. The kiddos loved it! It is definitely something we will continue each week.

Next week, we have our first round of Parent – Teacher Conferences! Minimum days are always fast pace and you kinda feel like very little is accomplished, BUT the great thing is this week, I get to talk with each of my kiddo’s parents about how great they are doing. This is always a great time to sit down and share some of the great skills I am seeing, as well as discuss something we are really focusing on.

Other than that, we are organizing our first field trip to Bishop’s Pumpkin Farm and our Pumpkin Science Week! More to come!