The first day of school is soon approaching

As summer starts winding down and school slowing creeps up, I find myself brain starting to shift back to “teacher mode”. This summer, I have really enjoyed my time with my family. I have enjoyed use relaxing and unwinding. I needed it.

In the last month, I have started to prep classroom decor items, as well as purchase things I need for this school year. Each year, I choose a theme for my classroom. Usually it revolves around a book or movie. I started the summer thinking I was going to do a Star Wars theme. However, I found myself inspired by something else  and it is one of my favorite Disney Pixar movies РUp. I usually do not switch themes once I choose one, but I just felt I needed to do my classroom around Up. So, I opted to put off my Star Wars theme until next year which gives me more time to really do what I want to do with it and create what I want for it.

So, I am really excited about this theme and I am excited for it all to come together!

Ok…Ok….it’s been WAY too long

Hi all! It is been way too long since I have posted and updated about all the things going on in my classroom. I have been on summer break since June 8th and I definitely needed it!

Here is a little bit of catch up…

The last half of the school year, I had a student teacher in my classroom. It was a great experience and I think those types of things are great for any teacher because you are the example….you are guiding a person who wants to do what you do. It is a great opportunity for both of you to become better. The great thing also, I gained a friend and she was hired to teach at my school this next year! Whohoo!

Also, I was asked to stay in Kinder for a while….no more TK for me at the moment…which, yes, I was a little sad not to be in TK…BUT, I was also excited because I could focus my brain on one grade for a while. PLUS, I ended up moving rooms in the last month of school with the TK teacher so I could be next to the new Kinder teacher coming it. So, in all….my whole team moved rooms.. It will be a great change for all of us. I am a little excited about being back in a room with a shared office space. I got rid of my desk years ago, but this side space will be nice for quiet work after school or even for testing. It was a little chaotic and stressful at the end with all of that, but we all got it done and are all moved.

Now, I am enjoying my summer with my kiddos….no major plans other than a small trip to Monterey. I usually take June off from any teacher stuff….so, now it being in July….my brain is starting to shift. I have started to gather things for my classroom….I bought my poster board to start creating my characters for my new classroom theme….and I have started creating new products.

I am excited for the new school year!