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Hello there! My name is Mrs. Lawson. I have taught for 13 years, going on my 14th year! Wow! It has flown by. I teach in the Plumas Lake Elementary School District. I started teaching a 1st and 2nd combo class which was called a transition class. I worked with students that were struggling academically, as well as behaviorally. It was a challenge, I am not going to lie. It was a new program and the “bugs” were still being worked out. Plus, it was my first year teaching and I was working with students at different places in both areas. However, I loved my students and decided to loop with them to 2nd/3rd grades. It was still a challenge, but I loved seeing their progress and, by this time, we had a great rhythm going in our classroom. After my second year, I found out I was moving to the new school opening in our district. I was excited and nervous at the same time. I taught a 2nd/3rd transition class again. It was a bit different because I hadn’t had this group of students the previous year when they were in the 1st/2nd grade transition class, but it was a great year!

After my first three years, I was asked to move to Kindergarten. This is when I found my place! I have been there ever since. When the Transitional Kindergarten program came into play, I was asked to take this on in its first year. It was a great deal of research on my part to initiate what this program would look like in our district. I spent most of my summer looking over information I received, looking at the K standards so I could create goals/standards for TK, and creating materials, such as a progress/report card, so we could start the school year on a sturdy foundation. The first year went rather smoothly and the progress my students made was amazing! I was asked to loop with my students to Kindergarten which I was all over. Since I was looping, this meant we needed another teacher involved in the TK mix at our school – enter Ms. Spallino! Plus, the district opened a TK class at our other elementary school due to the demand!

This year, I will be remaining in Kindergarten. We are trying out the model of one teacher staying in TK and then have all the kiddos spread out into all of the Kinder classes to be the “leaders” in the class since they have been at our school for a year and know they expectations. I am interested to see how it goes this year! I am excited to stay in Kinder for a while and to keep my brain focused on one grade for a bit!

Aside from teaching, I have a wonderful husband and three wonderful (and a little crazy) kids. My daughter is going into 7th grade, my oldest son is going into 5th grade, and my youngest son will be entering 1st grade! I enjoy watching action movies, working on projects, visiting Monterey when I get the chance, and just family time.

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