The first day of school is soon approaching

As summer starts winding down and school slowing creeps up, I find myself brain starting to shift back to “teacher mode”. This summer, I have really enjoyed my time with my family. I have enjoyed use relaxing and unwinding. I needed it.

In the last month, I have started to prep classroom decor items, as well as purchase things I need for this school year. Each year, I choose a theme for my classroom. Usually it revolves around a book or movie. I started the summer thinking I was going to do a Star Wars theme. However, I found myself inspired by something else  and it is one of my favorite Disney Pixar movies – Up. I usually do not switch themes once I choose one, but I just felt I needed to do my classroom around Up. So, I opted to put off my Star Wars theme until next year which gives me more time to really do what I want to do with it and create what I want for it.

So, I am really excited about this theme and I am excited for it all to come together!

Ok…Ok….it’s been WAY too long

Hi all! It is been way too long since I have posted and updated about all the things going on in my classroom. I have been on summer break since June 8th and I definitely needed it!

Here is a little bit of catch up…

The last half of the school year, I had a student teacher in my classroom. It was a great experience and I think those types of things are great for any teacher because you are the example….you are guiding a person who wants to do what you do. It is a great opportunity for both of you to become better. The great thing also, I gained a friend and she was hired to teach at my school this next year! Whohoo!

Also, I was asked to stay in Kinder for a while….no more TK for me at the moment…which, yes, I was a little sad not to be in TK…BUT, I was also excited because I could focus my brain on one grade for a while. PLUS, I ended up moving rooms in the last month of school with the TK teacher so I could be next to the new Kinder teacher coming it. So, in all….my whole team moved rooms.. It will be a great change for all of us. I am a little excited about being back in a room with a shared office space. I got rid of my desk years ago, but this side space will be nice for quiet work after school or even for testing. It was a little chaotic and stressful at the end with all of that, but we all got it done and are all moved.

Now, I am enjoying my summer with my kiddos….no major plans other than a small trip to Monterey. I usually take June off from any teacher stuff….so, now it being in July….my brain is starting to shift. I have started to gather things for my classroom….I bought my poster board to start creating my characters for my new classroom theme….and I have started creating new products.

I am excited for the new school year!

Wow! It has been a while…

Goodness! It has been a while since I shared and posted about what my class has been up to. It has been a busy year so far and my kiddos have been working hard each day!

So, what are we up to now?

Well, we have a student teacher in our classroom until May which has been such a wonderful experience because the kiddos have two people in the classroom that care about their learning. She has jumped right in with teaching and lesson planning. She is doing an amazing job so far!

Due to her, we are really diving deep into the Winter Olympics! So, this week, we will be doing all things Valentine’s Day, as well as all things Olympics. We have so many fun activities planned this week for the kiddos! We will be measuring different winter equipment such as hockey sticks, ice skates, snowboards, and more. At the end of the week, the kiddos will earn their “gold medal”!


Important Dates:

Wednesday, February 14th – Bring your Valentines to pass out

Thursday, February 15th – Six Flags Read to Succeed Log due

Friday, February 16th – Croc Run Assembly

Monday, February 19th – Presidents Day, No School

Friday, February 23rd – Movie Night, Wonder

Friday, March 9th – Croc Run

All About Apples!

It has been a few weeks since I posted. The school year kicked off in full force and has kept me quite busy! It isn’t slowing down either lol We have been doing an Apple Unit this month – the apple life cycle, the parts of an apple, apple crafts, apple science, and more! At the end of the month, we will be having an Apple Day where we will finish up all of our apple crafts, talk about Johnny Appleseed, and each some yummy apple treats!

Last Friday, we had our first Mad Science Friday where we did Erupting Apple Volcanoes. The kiddos loved it! It is definitely something we will continue each week.

Next week, we have our first round of Parent – Teacher Conferences! Minimum days are always fast pace and you kinda feel like very little is accomplished, BUT the great thing is this week, I get to talk with each of my kiddo’s parents about how great they are doing. This is always a great time to sit down and share some of the great skills I am seeing, as well as discuss something we are really focusing on.

Other than that, we are organizing our first field trip to Bishop’s Pumpkin Farm and our Pumpkin Science Week! More to come!

It is August…Time to get my room in check!

Hi all!

I hope your summer is going great and that you are enjoying the rest of your break!

Well, I am back in my classroom and getting right to work! I am not going to lie, it is a little of a mess because I decided that it was time to go through things I have stored for YEARS and get rid of things I know I will never use again. Plus, I am just reorganizing to make things more functional. On Monday, I placed furniture so I could get my head in the game. Yesterday, I took on my bookshelves yesterday and I think I may have a picture book problem! My bookshelves are full and now a good amount of my cubbies have books. Geesh! Oh well, I love picture books and my students do too…so, it is all good!



My next step is going through cabinets. I started to by pulling things out so I could see what I had. I think a lot of it is going! I need space. It will put me in a happy place going into the year.

Besides that, I have been working on the rest of my characters, creating decor that I need for my bulletin boards, and working on projects such as, new covers on my crate chairs, my door/doorknob addition, my arrows for my fence sign, curtains for my windows, and more. Here are some pictures:






Here are my crate chair upgrades. We found this fabric at Walmart by chance as we were looking for fabric for my curtains. My school mascot is the Crocodile, so this fabric worked well! Plus, I liked the shiny factor and texture it had for my kiddos. It will work with any theme I choose.

I has seen these flowers pop up a lot this summer and thought they were just awesome! Plus, I thought I could use these with my theme. So, I watched a tutorial by The Happy Teacher Palette and tried them out. It was super easy after I made one and now I have five! Plus, I am making a few for my sister’s classroom! She provides a template and small videos to walk you through the process. Just great! If you want to make some, here is the link to her blog post:


All About The Decorations!

I have been busy creating characters for my classroom the last couple of weeks. This year, I decided it would be easier to get all the characters drawn out first and then paint. This week, I started painting and I am almost done! Here are some of the characters that I have finished.









I have also been working on a few other projects. I have more in the works. Here are a few:




AND….I found my outfit for the first day of school!

It Has Been a While…

Happy Summer!

It has been a while since I have posted. It was a busy school year and I sadly didn’t get back to posting here. However, I am back! Next year, I will be looping with my TK kiddos to Kindergarten which I am excited about. Like every year, I change my theme and I tend to lean towards books for inspiration. SO, this coming year will be Alice in Wonderland!

Prior to summer break, Miss Lily and I started decorating to lessen the job when I returned. The great thing is that I had trees in my room already from last year’s them, so we just extended the branches to give them a more whimsical look. We also prepped the bulletin boards and I created new numbers/colors posters to align with the theme. So, now it comes down to using July to create my characters and projects I want to add to the room.

One project I am working on is creating some new seat options. I am making  some mushroom chairs which I think will be so cute. I am also working on my door and door knob. I found this door at a vintage market for $20 and thought it had an Alice in Wonderland feel. I haven’t found  the door know yet that will work, but I will! I am also hoping to make some signs.

Cats, Bats, Owls, and Witches!



We are in full gear for some Halloween fun! This week we are learning about nocturnal animals, such as the bat and the owl.

We will be discussing what it means to be nocturnal and why these animals are nocturnal. We will be reading some of our favorite books, such as Stellaluna and Owl Babies. We will also read some fun and silly books like There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed A Bat, Room On A Broom, and more!

Here are a few projects we have in the works for the next couple of weeks!



Scarecrows, Spiders, and Skeletons…oh my!


October is my favorite month as a teacher! So much can be done and made! To kick off our fun this month, we will be doing some fun activities around scarecrows, spiders, and skeletons! Most of our focus will be on spiders. We will be discussing what we know about them, learn about the parts of a spider, and read books about spiders.  Here are some of the things I have planned this week: