DIY Projects

Alice In Wonderland – 2017/2018

Some of the things I am working on this summer for our Alice in Wonderland theme! I am working on my characters for the walls, new seats, and some props to add!


Kung Fu Panda Theme – 2016/2017

13627109_10206319123728176_3496841755724044959_n 13776047_1729867767291408_5414462662732207241_n

13716238_10206374416270455_2444238801034058370_n 13728999_1730005437277641_4791385707459840270_n 13729143_1729942717283913_8725120731501783545_n 13920691_1733488686929316_4630517173159439345_n

Every year, I create my own materials for my classroom. Sometimes, I do download resources to save time, but for the most part I make my own since I create my room around a theme/book.



Last year, my husband and I created some decor to go with my Peter Pan room. Here are the finished products.

IMG_6904 IMG_6893




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