It is August…Time to get my room in check!

Hi all!

I hope your summer is going great and that you are enjoying the rest of your break!

Well, I am back in my classroom and getting right to work! I am not going to lie, it is a little of a mess because I decided that it was time to go through things I have stored for YEARS and get rid of things I know I will never use again. Plus, I am just reorganizing to make things more functional. On Monday, I placed furniture so I could get my head in the game. Yesterday, I took on my bookshelves yesterday and I think I may have a picture book problem! My bookshelves are full and now a good amount of my cubbies have books. Geesh! Oh well, I love picture books and my students do too…so, it is all good!



My next step is going through cabinets. I started to by pulling things out so I could see what I had. I think a lot of it is going! I need space. It will put me in a happy place going into the year.

Besides that, I have been working on the rest of my characters, creating decor that I need for my bulletin boards, and working on projects such as, new covers on my crate chairs, my door/doorknob addition, my arrows for my fence sign, curtains for my windows, and more. Here are some pictures:






Here are my crate chair upgrades. We found this fabric at Walmart by chance as we were looking for fabric for my curtains. My school mascot is the Crocodile, so this fabric worked well! Plus, I liked the shiny factor and texture it had for my kiddos. It will work with any theme I choose.

I has seen these flowers pop up a lot this summer and thought they were just awesome! Plus, I thought I could use these with my theme. So, I watched a tutorial by The Happy Teacher Palette and tried them out. It was super easy after I made one and now I have five! Plus, I am making a few for my sister’s classroom! She provides a template and small videos to walk you through the process. Just great! If you want to make some, here is the link to her blog post: